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About me

Mike Bifulco

Hi there, I'm Mike Bifulco. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I work as the CTO and co-founder of Craftwork. I'm also a developer advocate, writer, podcaster and serial startup founder. In the past I've worked for Google, Stripe, Microsoft, and Gymnasium. I'm cofounder of APIs You Won't Hate, a community for API Developers on the web. Mike's publishes a weekly newsletter for product builders called Tiny Improvements at

I'm driven by a desire to use my skills and privilege to help other people, and I love building exceptional experiences in unexpected places.

My beliefs

I believe in the power of critical thought and the scientific process, as well as the concept that all people deserve fair and equitable access to all things. I am aware of my limitations and privilege, and am always open to listening to other perspectives. I also think that technology and design have the potential to benefit all aspects of our lives, and I try to maintain a sense of humor throughout it all.

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📹 Video

  • @mikebifulco on YouTube - Livestreams of me building software, and in-depth tech tutorials, as well as short-form tips (60s or less).
  • @irreverentmike on TikTok - I post tech tips, cycling journals, and videos about making espresso at home.
  • @irreverentmike on Twitch - Occasional livestreams of me working on tech projects, or playing music for friends & family.

🎙️ Podcasts

  • Tiny Improvements - Short form audio essays (10m or less) where I share my philosophy on being a developer and living a meaningful life.
  • Software Engineering Daily - I am one of several hosts on this show, which is 1:1 Interviews with high-profile engineering leaders from across the industry.
  • APIs You Won't Hate - I chat with my API-building pal Phil Sturgeon about designing, developing, and using APIs, climate responsibility, and cycling.

Even more on Polywork

  • I keep a regularly updated list of highlights, opportunities, and job experience on my profile on Polywork:

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(Obvious) Disclaimer

Work and opinions expressed here are my own, and not those of my employer, my cats, or anyone else.

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Podcasts, keynotes, conventions, workshops, mentorship

Let's talk!

Drop me a line at if you'd like to get in touch.


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