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πŸ“° 09-20-2022

The way we talk about our things

This we we talk about intentional use of language and how it can affect subconscious behavior.

6min read

πŸ“° 09-12-2022

What I've learned from working in public

I'm a big fan of working in public. It's a great way to get feedback and improve your work... you just have to be ready to deal with The Internetℒ️

πŸ“° 09-06-2022

Balance for remote workers

Show up better on video calls, make your writing better by writing more, friction logging, and conferences are back!

πŸ“° 01-19-2021

Has it been four years already?

MLK, presidential inauguration, time illusions, new features in Gatsby, and designing for musicians.

πŸ“° 01-12-2021

Sip your coffee quietly, act kindly

Watching history happen before our eyes, the economic study of bitcoin, accessibility, and drinking coffee in a quiet room.

πŸ“° 01-03-2021

The Enthusiast's Hidden Superpower

Optimism and the new year, why being an enthusiast can help you build a better product, espresso drinking and daily writing.

πŸ“° 12-08-2020

On seasonal change, open source, and carbon offsets

Cognitive science and the framing effect, Open Source software and Working in Public, language learning, creating online courses, and reforestation.

πŸ“° 05-11-2020

I swear I wrote that down somewhere πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Training your brain with networked note-taking, privacy-first analytics for websites, expensive asparagus, speed reading and retention.

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