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The first year of being a technical startup cofounder

Reflecting on my first year as CTO of Craftwork, and the many things I've learned along the way.

Reddit as a tool for learning

If you haven't been using reddit as a tool for learning, you are truly missing out. It's time to give it a try.

JAM Stack, SSGs, and their role in empowering the creator economy

Tools like Eleventy, Hugo, Gatsby, Svelte, and others have given developers a superpower for quickly developing content-driven, easily manageable web properties. It's an exciting frontier for developers who are also content creators, but for non-technical creators, our favorite toolchains can feel like a labyrinth of indecipherable choices.

In this talk, we'll discuss our role in promoting the creator economy. We'll talk about the opportunity we have as developers in helping to democratize content creation for everyone, and the importance of creating a more robust, archival internet.

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What the Heck is a Fullstack Developer? Aquent UK

Article screenshot: What the Heck is a Fullstack Developer? Aquent UK blog

An interview with my former employer (and parent company of Gymnasium), Aquent about my thoughts on what it means to be a Fullstack Developer.

Description from the article:

Full article is available to read on Aquent UK's blog.