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I'm a technologist, a designer, and a creator of things. I started this as a place to put together my thoughts on things that I think deserve a bigger stage than my twitter or GitHub.

I work at Google -- but the things I post here are my own, and don't necessarily reflect Google's views or opinions.


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10 April 2021

This is an experimental post, meant to demonstrate to you the topic we're discussing. I'd love to hear what you think about it. Drop me…

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Book notes: Working In Public

30 November 2020

I recently finished reading Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software by Nadia Eghbal , thanks to a book club…

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How to reset your Open Graph embed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

17 September 2020

Earlier today, we had a problem at Gymnasium . We released a new 5 minute tutorial on Making Headings and Lists more Accessible - which…

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05 August 2020

Put simply, is a that is so profoundly helpful that I've forgotten what life was like without it. Its purpose is simple: for…

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MDX - I should have done this sooner

22 July 2020

As of this very post, I've added support for MDX to my site. It should make writing new content much easier for me. By removing lots…

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Why I switched to Fathom for analytics

03 May 2020

This morning, I fully switched my personal site from Google Analytics to Fathom - something that I had been considering for a while, and finally decided to go all in on.

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On normalcy

22 April 2020

πŸ™Œ What are the simple things that you're looking forward to the most? On my walk this morning, I found myself wondering what it's going to be like when things go back to normal...

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Help your users when your web app crashes

22 April 2020

Some thoughts on building fault-tolerant web apps that didn't quite fit into my work on the upcoming book Surviving Other People's Web APIs

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Are you suddenly a remote worker? Let's figure it out together.

04 April 2020

Don't blink; it's all changing.

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Introducing Pistola - Building a passion project with radical transparency

21 February 2020

If you follow me across the various other social networks I use, you'll likely stumble across my passion for cycling. For the past 8 or so years, road cycling has been my primary form of exercise. I love cycling; it keeps me sane, and helps me live a healthier life...

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Do you have your own Gatsby site? Let's brainstorm a cross-poster

23 June 2019

I'd love it if my blog posts were automatically sent to - wouldn't you?

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I have to tell you about Dependabot πŸ€–

31 May 2019

I found a tool I love, and I want you to love it, too

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UX Chat: Design chiefs cheerfully champion chopping chatter to charge CSS with cheery charm

17 May 2019

This one weird trick will have you chuffed to bits

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Promise.allSettled() Pt.2 - it's partly settled!

27 April 2019

Compilers hate him! This one wierd trick will get you all settled right now!

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Picking apart JavaScript import syntax

17 April 2019

Let's talk about importing dependencies into your node projects. As your work gets more complex, you will inevitably come across many ways to import a library - it can get confusing quickly.

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Solve* all your problems with Promise.allSettled()

12 April 2019

This was inspired by a talk from Wes Bos at JAMstack_conf_nyc. Thanks for the tip, Wes!

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I reclaimed 10GB of disk space from node_modules

02 April 2019

I finally got fed up with running out of disk space on my laptop.

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Egg sticker update: We raised $176 NZD!

28 March 2019

Thanks to you all, we made a solid donation to benefit victims of the NZ mosque shooting. Thank you from the depths of my heart. ❀️

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Deconfusing JavaScript Destructuring Syntax

26 March 2019

I thought I had a firm grip on destructuring objects in es6... and then working with Gatsby turned it all on its head

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Quick tip: Here's how to uninstall Postgres from your Mac

20 March 2019

You may never need this, and Postgres is plenty good. But if you do need it - maybe this will save you time?

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Egg them all

19 March 2019

Get yourself some of these eggtastic stickers - 100% of proceeds go to charity!

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5 Chrome extensions I use for productivity

13 March 2019

The Chrome Web Store is absolutely loaded with plugins, themes, and extensions. I use them to be more secure, productive, and connected.

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My favorite design problem

28 February 2019

Fancy microphones marketed to podcasters are beautiful devices - but their most important function isn't intuitive at all.

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Embracing Prettier

25 February 2019

VSCode's format-on-save function was parsing my jsx React components like normal JavaScript. Maddening - yes, but the fix was simple.

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It was time.

24 February 2019

I've got some strong opinions on things - I hope that's okay.

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