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Rebuilding an open source content-rich site with Astro, TypeScript, and React is an Open Source and community-driven list of high-quality, modern tools for OpenAPI that we've been maintaining over at APIs You Won't Hate for the past few years, and it's overdue for a rebuild.

πŸ”§ In this session, I'll be using to recreate the site, with a focus on building a highly performant, maintainable, and SEO-driven experience for the next version. If i'm lucky, we'll even get into building some fun new features to help our community find the right tools for their use case with OpenAPI

I'll be building with:

  • Astro:
  • Hosting through @VercelHQ
  • Visual Studio Code
  • TypeScript
  • React.js
  • Markdown
  • Fathom analytics @FathomAnalytics
  • PostHog @PostHog
  • Tailwind CSS @TailwindLabs

πŸ“… Mark your calendars and join me at 10am EST for an insightful journey through the intersection of design and development. If you dig SEO and markdown, or you're a React developer, JavaScript enthusiast or TypeScript pro, or you've been curious about what Atsro brings to the table, you'll enjoy this one!

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Rebuilding an open source content-rich site with Astro, TypeScript, and React

A YouTube live coding stream, learning to build content-driven sites with the Astro Web Framework.



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