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Using Satori and Next.js to generate dynamic images

Join me for an exciting live stream where we dive into the world of design and development at Craftwork! šŸŽØšŸ’»

šŸ”§ In this session, we'll explore how we use a variety of image templates to elevate our software's appearance. From stylized portraits of our talented team members to vibrant paint swatches and eye-catching Open Graph (OG) preview images for our website, we'll unveil the secrets behind our visual magic.

šŸ–Œļø We'll kick things off by using the power of Figma, our design tool of choice, to craft stunning templates. Then, we'll dive deep into the development side, where we'll transform these designs into dynamically generated images. How? With the incredible Satori library and the magic of Edge Functions on Next.js, brought to you by the team at @VercelHQ .

I'll be building with:

  • Satori & Next.js from @VercelHQ
  • Figma
  • Visual Studio Code
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind CSS @TailwindLabs

šŸ“… Mark your calendars and join us on Jan 27th at noon EST for an insightful journey through the intersection of design and development. Whether you're a React developer, JavaScript enthusiast, TypeScript pro, designer, or simply curious about UX and tech, this livestream is for you!

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See you there! šŸš€šŸŽ‰



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