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Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) features for Google Assistant

From my work as a Developer Advocate on the Google Assistant Team - an introduction to SSML features for Google Assistant, and how they can be used in conversational actions. You'll even get a heaping helping of cheesy jokes, straight from my brain to your ears.

This video was also used for the december episode of Voice Talks in 2021:

VOICE Talks August 2021: Trust the researchers for voice-first UX

As a part of my work as a DevRel lead for Google Assistant, I did a guest segment on VOICE Talks in August of 2021, talking about why UX research for voice-first experiences is so crucial.

How to create your first App Action

A brief, 2-minute Demo from Google I/O 2021: learn how to create your first App Action for an Android app, which lets you connect your app's features to Google Assistant

New Transaction Features for Smart Displays

A quick demo from Google I/O 2021: we take a look at some user experience (UX) changes for card verification code (CVC) confirmation and new payment method entry for payments on smart screens.

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