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Take my money! Some of my favorite tools... and why I pay for them

I'm a huge fan of products that use their a free tier to prove their value, and then convert me to a paying customer. Here are a few tools I pay for, and why I think they're worth it.

Learning is an infinite game

As a founder, you're going to need to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. Keeping your skill for learning sharp is a critical skill, and should can be practiced like any other skill.

Do this with Your Product Waitlist: A Guide for Indiehackers and Startup Founders

Learn strategies to leverage your product waitlist for sustainable growth. Ideal for indiehackers and startup founders, this guide offers actionable tips to convert initial interest into paying customers.

The first 90 days as a technical cofounder - building a startup in 2023

I'm building a new company for the first time since 2016. A lot has changed since then. Here's what feels different this time around.

50 Most Powerful startups in Charlotte

Screenshot: 50 Most powerful startups in Charlotte article by Axios Charlotte

I was cofounder and CEO of smpl, a SaaS startup helping independent-scale coworking operators automate their business. We were featured in a 2017 Article by Axios Charlotte (then called The Charlotte Agenda) as one of the most powerful (lol) startups in town. Pretty cool!