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Struggling with TypeScript: why not?

One of your biggest skills as a person-on-the-internet is your ability to research and learn new things.

Keep your tools sharp

The tools we use to get our work done are incredibly important, and taking the time to tune them to work just right can make a huge difference in our productivity and happiness.

Why new frameworks make better developers

A look at the cognitive science behind the Hierarchy of Competence, and how dabbling with new frameworks and tools can make you a better developer.

Take my money! Some of my favorite tools... and why I pay for them

I'm a huge fan of products that use their a free tier to prove their value, and then convert me to a paying customer. Here are a few tools I pay for, and why I think they're worth it.

The case for continued learning, and getting side projects out the door

The end of 2022 brought about a ton of change for me, and a major shift in my career. I'm excited to talk a little about what's next, and to show off a side project I'm readying for release soon.

What the Heck is a Fullstack Developer? Aquent UK

Article screenshot: What the Heck is a Fullstack Developer? Aquent UK blog

An interview with my former employer (and parent company of Gymnasium), Aquent about my thoughts on what it means to be a Fullstack Developer.

Description from the article:

Full article is available to read on Aquent UK's blog.