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On normalcy

22 April 2020

🙌 What are the simple things that you're looking forward to the most? On my walk this morning, I found myself wondering what it's going to be like when things go back to normal...

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Do you have your own Gatsby site? Let's brainstorm a cross-poster

23 June 2019

I'd love it if my blog posts were automatically sent to - wouldn't you?

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I have to tell you about Dependabot 🤖

31 May 2019

I found a tool I love, and I want you to love it, too

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I reclaimed 10GB of disk space from node_modules

02 April 2019

I finally got fed up with running out of disk space on my laptop.

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5 Chrome extensions I use for productivity

13 March 2019

The Chrome Web Store is absolutely loaded with plugins, themes, and extensions. I use them to be more secure, productive, and connected.

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